The Horses

Living as a herd all year round

Horses have the capacity to heal humans in deep and life changing ways

Working with horses in a facilitated way gives you space to connect to self, horses and nature 

The Horses

The horses live as natural a lifestyle as possible in an area of bio-diversity in East Lothian. This includes living together as a herd without rugs, shoes and stables. We have good natural shelter for them in the field and a wooden shelter in the winter time. Living freely together ensures they have the social interaction and herd structure they need to thrive in. It’s important that the horses are free to roam and interact with each and simply to be horses together. They live out all year round so they can connect to the elements, the environment and the land they live on. Meeting their core needs of being part of a social herd and having continual access to grazing allows them to be much more fully in themselves and enhances their ability to willingly work with people. Since doing the equine facilitated work with my horses I have seen all of them grow and develop within themselves and become more confident as horses. Both horse and person seem to gain from the sessions.

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