Midi Fairgrieve

Professional Counselling

Equine Assisted Personal Development

Midi Fairgrieve

Professional Counselling and Equine Assisted Personal Development

I have been working therapeutically with people for over 25 years and committed to helping clients find themselves; to find alignment and connection to their own inner wisdom. I became a counsellor after completing a training in holistic nutritional therapy because I began to realise that beneath the physical issues clients were presenting with, the cause lay rooted in the emotional / mental / spiritual levels. I wanted to be able to support people in a deeper and more complete way and so went on to train as a counsellor. The rewards were incredible, as not only did my own intuition develop and grow, I was able to help people at a much greater depth of awareness.

In the last few years I have also started to bring the therapeutic power of nature and working with horses into the mix of what I can offer. I do Walk and Talk sessions and Equine Assisted Therapy – both powerful ways to help people connect to their senses, become more embodied and move out of the analytical head-based thinking state. Being outside in the elements helps people get back in touch with their heart, and their feeling state, and from there, everything starts to become clearer for them. I love the way that being present in the moment, in nature, brings us to a greater awareness of our senses and our inner wisdom. In the words of the naturalist, John Muir: “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”. This is the foundation of my way of working, to help people come out of the analytical head and into a more heart based intuitive place within themselves – it is here that lasting healing can occur.

About Midi

I’ve been a counsellor and nutritional therapist since 1995 and more recently have found a way to combine my love of horses with my love of helping people by training as a facilitator of Equine Assisted Personal Development. 

The Horses

Since starting to work therapeutically with the horses I have seen all of them grow and develop within themselves and become more confident as horses. Both horse and person seem to gain some form of healing from the equine facilitated therapy sessions.

Why Horses?

Horses help to bring people back into their heart, and into their natural authentic state. From that quiet place within, you can find your own answers and a sense of deep connection and self-love. It’s a beautiful feeling, like coming ‘home’ to yourself.

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